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The Charleston Bicycle Company (CBCo.), formerly Palmetto Cyclery, opened its doors in 1972, and as Charleston’s oldest bike shop, we've seen a lot. We got our start during the bike boom of the 1970s selling road and lifestyle bikes. Trail bikes were added to the mix during the mountain bike craze of the 1980s, and we have weathered a variety of economic and industry changes since then.

The most important changes are those that have happened on a community level. We were open before the West Ashley Greenway project began in the 80s, and now the path is practically in our backyard (a short ride up Caterbury Rd.). We've watched local bike culture grow thanks to the formation of Charleston Moves in the 90s, and our store continues to support their work today.  Times change. And while trends come and go, our customers are proof that some things never change. Different groups have deemed biking to be different things—affordable, expensive, practical, impractical, inclusive, elitist, environmentally conscious… But aside from that and above all else, biking is fun. 

Charleston Bicycle Co. is a hub for timeless, two-wheeled fun. We serve elite athletes, but we have a come as you are philosophy. Cyclists of all ages and skill levels are welcome. Our knowledgeable staff is warm, friendly and earnestly committed to creating exceptional shopping and riding experiences. We have a high regard for education, bicycle fit and product quality, and we've aligned ourselves with like-minded brands (reliable Jamis and legendary Bianchi).

We're passionate about bike culture... Here in Charleston and as a whole. We keep  an original 1885 high wheeler on permanent display, and a rotating exhibit of vintage bicycles from the shop owner’s private collection ensures that there is always something interesting in store.