But I Can Find a Cheaper Bike...

You can find a bicycle just about anywhere. And it's likely that you will spend less for a one-time purchase at a department store. Here's what we encourage you to take into consideration, first.

Who built your bike and do they care about you?

A local bike store is filled with bicycle experts that actually  care about your biking experience. It is in our best interest to ensure that you have a delightful experience, every time you ride your bike. Here are some other reasons to spend a little extra...

1. Not all bicycles are the same.

Bikes at bike stores are assembled with only tried and true material. We make no money by giving you cheap (in quality) parts. This is not the case with department store bikes. The quality of the steel/aluminum is not to par resulting in stripped bolts and rusty parts.

2. Not all bicycles are assembled the same way.

Bikes at department stores are assembled hastily. This haste doesn't allow time to grease parts that need greased or tighten parts that need tightened, let alone ensuring things are aligned properly.

3. Not all bicycle service is the same.

Your local bike stores offer you service which a department store can NOT match. We are pros, not sales floor representatives.

4. Bike stores do not "upsell." 

Most of us just want to see you riding a bike...safely. We are not judging, we do not think less of you if you don't have the best stuff. When we recommend a light and a helmet, it's for your safety. A hurt bicyclist is a hurt family member, first and last.

Please think of all facets of owning a bicycle prior to making a decision based on purely cost. Consider all of the options and consult with your local bike store first. The information is free, your cheap bike may cost you more than money.