Your Bike Needs a Bell

Bells aren’t just for kids. EVERY bike needs a bell. And this is especially true for commuters and road cyclists.

In Charleston, even if you are lucky enough to have access to a bike lane, traffic poses a threat. Distracted drivers, roadside parking, pedestrians and other cyclists are within arm’s reach, and all are potentially dangerous. When a second or an inch could make all the difference, your voice isn’t enough. A shout may not cut through the sounds of traffic and other voices, but a bike bell will.

Incredibell Omnibell at Charleston Bicycle Co.

Any bell is better than no bell, but if you’re in the market for something that looks sharp, works well and lasts, consider the Mirrycle Incredibell Omnibell. Both the band clamp and bell dinger are adjustable, which means it can be mounted anywhere regardless of handlebar diameter.  

The Incredibell Omnibell Bike Bell is currently in stock at Charleston Bicycle Co. Give us a call (843-571-1211), or stop by the store for details.