Tried-and-True Profile Design Kage

Generally, bottle cages don’t get any respect, but they are a practical and useful accessory for your bike since you will want to carry a water bottle while you ride. There are plenty of options out there...

Aluminum Cages

An aluminum water bottle cage is about $6.95 and comes in lots of colors at that price. But not long after you start using it, you will wear through the color. And, it starts to bleed aluminum oxide and regular old aluminum dust all over your bottle and bike. It’s not the end of the world; the stuff wipes right off unless your bike is flat white, but it’s always messy and ugly. On a bumpy road, they hold onto bottles just okay, and eventually, it will break. 

Stainless Steel & Titanium Cages

A stainless steel cage is stylish and cleaner, but they only come in the normal stainless color and hold onto a bottle about as well as aluminum. They do last longer but cost double. Titanium is nice too, but now you’re looking at over $40.

Carbon Fiber Cages

Carbon fiber opens up a world of possibilities, style and color-wise.  Carbon cages cost a lot, but if you ride an expensive carbon fiber bike, they are a complete spiritual match.

Plastic Cages

We actually prefer plastic bottle cages and recommend the tried-and-true Profile Design Kage. The durable Profile Design Kage is only $12.95, won’t make a mess and won’t drop your bottle. In our opinion, it’s the best deal in a cage. Black is the only readily available color and what we have in stock.