Tried-and-True Profile Design Kage

Generally, bottle cages don’t get any respect, but they are a practical and useful accessory for your bike since you will want to carry a water bottle while you ride. There are plenty of options out there...

Aluminum Cages

An aluminum water bottle cage is about $6.95 and comes in lots of colors at that price. But not long after you start using it, you will wear through the color. And, it starts to bleed aluminum oxide and regular old aluminum dust all over your bottle and bike. It’s not the end of the world; the stuff wipes right off unless your bike is flat white, but it’s always messy and ugly. On a bumpy road, they hold onto bottles just okay, and eventually, it will break. 

Stainless Steel & Titanium Cages

A stainless steel cage is stylish and cleaner, but they only come in the normal stainless color and hold onto a bottle about as well as aluminum. They do last longer but cost double. Titanium is nice too, but now you’re looking at over $40.

Carbon Fiber Cages

Carbon fiber opens up a world of possibilities, style and color-wise.  Carbon cages cost a lot, but if you ride an expensive carbon fiber bike, they are a complete spiritual match.

Plastic Cages

We actually prefer plastic bottle cages and recommend the tried-and-true Profile Design Kage. The durable Profile Design Kage is only $12.95, won’t make a mess and won’t drop your bottle. In our opinion, it’s the best deal in a cage. Black is the only readily available color and what we have in stock. 

Cygolite Bike Lights


A few years ago, any bicycle light that bright enough to let you see where you were going at night was expensive. You could have spent many times what a Cygolite Streak 450 currently costs, and still gotten something heavier, dimmer and less reliable.

Lights that are meant to help OTHERS see YOU cost less than lights for you to see by. (A brighter headlight is required to really light your path). But advances in battery and LED technology means that really good lights cost less than ever.

We recommend rechargeable lights, and nobody does them better than Cygolite. Cygolite has an excellent reputation in the bike world, and their products feature excellent function, consistent quality and competitive pricing.

For general commuting and night riding, a combo like this is currently a great choice... Get it for 15% off when you mention this post!

Your Bike Needs a Bell

Bells aren’t just for kids. EVERY bike needs a bell. And this is especially true for commuters and road cyclists.

In Charleston, even if you are lucky enough to have access to a bike lane, traffic poses a threat. Distracted drivers, roadside parking, pedestrians and other cyclists are within arm’s reach, and all are potentially dangerous. When a second or an inch could make all the difference, your voice isn’t enough. A shout may not cut through the sounds of traffic and other voices, but a bike bell will.

Incredibell Omnibell at Charleston Bicycle Co.

Any bell is better than no bell, but if you’re in the market for something that looks sharp, works well and lasts, consider the Mirrycle Incredibell Omnibell. Both the band clamp and bell dinger are adjustable, which means it can be mounted anywhere regardless of handlebar diameter.  

The Incredibell Omnibell Bike Bell is currently in stock at Charleston Bicycle Co. Give us a call (843-571-1211), or stop by the store for details.

Coda Sport by Jamis

When customers come into the shop, it is not uncommon for us to recommend the Coda series by Jamis when someone is looking for a good, multi-purpose bike. All of the Codas are very popular and for good reason...

  • The smooth-riding Reynolds chromoly frames
  • The well-thought-out geometry
  • The heads-up riding position
  • The smart component selections - from the super-wide gearing range to the easy-adjust stems

These bikes are simply some of the best and most versatile around. In this article, we are going to focus on the Coda Sport which retails for $540.

Some highlights of the Coda Sport...

  • Steel Bike for a Smooth Ride: Jamis is famous for their steel bikes, and the Codas have a lot to do with that. No frame material makes more sense on beat-up city streets than steel. Sounds perfect for Charleston, huh?!
  • ATS Steering System: Jamis' patented system allows you to easily adjust your stem height and adapt your fit to the ride... in-traffic commutes, fitness rides, etc.
  • Stopping Power: Riding in traffic with cars requires a reliable brake system. The Coda Sport offers linear pull brakes, which are plenty powerful in any condition. 
  • Wheels Built for the Street: Every Coda wheel is built with sturdy 20+mm wide double-wall rims. This allows for wider tires with a larger contact patch for a smoother, more stable ride, and 32 stainless steel spokes laced in a 3-cross pattern that assures rugged durability.

Jamis' website does a great job of giving an overview of the Coda Sport as well as specifications and information about fit & sizing. Check out , or even better... stop by our shop to see in-stock Coda Sports and other bicycles from the series in-person. One of our staff members would love to show you why the Coda series is so popular. 

Back-to-School Bicycle Safety

With the start of a new school year, we all need to put safety first in school zones. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), biking to and from school is safer when children and adults alike:

  • Wear and buckle a properly fit helmet every ride
  • Wear bright colors and/or use lights or reflective wear to be more visible to motorists
  • Have a good grasp of traffic safety rules including riding in the same direction as traffic and stopping at all stop signs and signals
  • Choose safe routes to ride, including streets with lower traffic volume and speeds
  • Ride focused and alert—never using electronics or both ear buds while riding

The NHTSA has stated that helmets are the single most important piece of safety equipment for riders. While they can't prevent a crash from happening, they can prevent a crash from resulting in a serious injury. Giro's Rascal helmet is a perfect choice for your little rider. 

The Rascal's OneStep™ fit system provides a simple and intuitive method to quickly send your child on his/her way. Simply close the pinch-free buckle and they're ready to go. For added visibility, mom or dad can click on the integrated rear LED tail-light.

Stop by the shop and purchase a Rascal helmet to protect your little one this school year. It retails for $40.00, and we have a nice selection of Giro helmets for adults as well.

Team USA Using the Polar Bottle®

We are big fans of the Polar Bottle®, and you will likely see Team USA Olympic and Paralympic athletes sporting theirs at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio. The company is proud to be hydrating some of America's athletes for the games as an official water bottle licensee of the Olympics.

Polar Bottle takes great pride in producing an American-made product that reduces environmental impact and supports our local and national economies by providing employment to their local workers. Their products are assembled in, and shipped from their warehouse in Boulder, Colorado, with parts sourced from the USA.

We have the 24 oz. size in White and Razzle, but other colors/patterns are available. Grab yours for only $11.99.

KaZam Balance Bikes

Say goodbye to training wheels! KaZam balance bikes are the best way to teach young children to ride. Balance bikes are well suited for 3 year-olds, but they make a great gift for any aspiring rider under the age of 5 (or under 60 lbs).

We have a red model in stock for $99.95, but other colors are available.

These bikes really are changing the way kids learn to ride! Stop by the shop to learn more. 

2’Fer Lights

We’re really digging these 2’Fer bike lights by Blackburn. They are front and rear capable and can last up to 5 hours flashing. The light switches from white to red with the push of a button. The best part is that they come with a charging cable. With a rechargeable light you can ride safer all the time without worry of wearing down your batteries. 

You can grab your own 2’Fer in store for $24.95.