Coda Sport by Jamis

When customers come into the shop, it is not uncommon for us to recommend the Coda series by Jamis when someone is looking for a good, multi-purpose bike. All of the Codas are very popular and for good reason...

  • The smooth-riding Reynolds chromoly frames
  • The well-thought-out geometry
  • The heads-up riding position
  • The smart component selections - from the super-wide gearing range to the easy-adjust stems

These bikes are simply some of the best and most versatile around. In this article, we are going to focus on the Coda Sport which retails for $540.

Some highlights of the Coda Sport...

  • Steel Bike for a Smooth Ride: Jamis is famous for their steel bikes, and the Codas have a lot to do with that. No frame material makes more sense on beat-up city streets than steel. Sounds perfect for Charleston, huh?!
  • ATS Steering System: Jamis' patented system allows you to easily adjust your stem height and adapt your fit to the ride... in-traffic commutes, fitness rides, etc.
  • Stopping Power: Riding in traffic with cars requires a reliable brake system. The Coda Sport offers linear pull brakes, which are plenty powerful in any condition. 
  • Wheels Built for the Street: Every Coda wheel is built with sturdy 20+mm wide double-wall rims. This allows for wider tires with a larger contact patch for a smoother, more stable ride, and 32 stainless steel spokes laced in a 3-cross pattern that assures rugged durability.

Jamis' website does a great job of giving an overview of the Coda Sport as well as specifications and information about fit & sizing. Check out , or even better... stop by our shop to see in-stock Coda Sports and other bicycles from the series in-person. One of our staff members would love to show you why the Coda series is so popular.